The Rock

An urge brought me to The Sydney Rocks

I craved its vibes for reasons lost in time


I have been here many times.

The Harbour, the Quay, are no strangers to me

Along the stall-lined alleys

I saw familiar sights—the crafts, the clothes, the cafés

     My eyes feasted on the multi-coloured hats, jewelry and native art

     I inhaled the aroma of eucalyptus souvenirs, soaps and essential oils

     Street musicians entertained my ears with country, rock and pop

But, I know them all

What am I here for?

What has lured me to The Sydney Rocks?

Is it just the rollicking market?

Or my mother, whose home always feels like home to me

       Every time I come?

My own home is in

      A different place

      A different hemisphere

      A different time zone

      Ten thousand miles away.

I heard a sound—a ring and a rippling vibration

    That stirred my senses and lifted my soul

I stood in front of a stall with temple bowls—large, medium and small

Metal bowls with etching of dragons sat on tiny cushions

     Their roots lost in time

They drew me close

Someone hit the edge of the bowl with a wooden stick

And swirled it around the edge

The sound was scintillating



I stood still, watching, clinging onto the energy and the vibration

     Drifting into timelessness

I picked up a stick and did the same

And the bowl sang to me!

It gripped my heart

     My soul

     My spirit

I knew it.

The bowl has brought me to The Rocks

It will come with me to

     A different place

     A different hemisphere

     A different time

     Ten thousand miles away

My own home.


Author: Mona

I am interested in reading, writing, power walking, hiking and music (see www. I also engage in spiritual healing and studies (see

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